Madness in the Mechanical Mind

by Robouroboros

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released May 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Robouroboros Ladysmith, British Columbia

Robouroboros is an Industrial/EBM artist whose music has been played on radio stations from Seattle to Germany. His sound is beat-driven, ominous, and spacey, and features sound bytes of tools, anvils, and machinery.

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Track Name: I Bleed White (Instrumental)
controlling, complaining
the life forms are waiting
observing and serving
unnerving when I bleed white
and I bleed white

the crew is forsaken
their lives it has taken
malicious and vicious
ambitious and I bleed white
and i bleed white
Track Name: Autonomous Drones
You stay at home with your morals in tact

You wage the war but they commit the act

They fly through the air spreading terror and pain

Democracy's weapons, it's freedom they rain

The mountain of corpses piled high to the sky

The killing of innocents: humans must die

So turn a blind eye and don't care what they do

How long before they set their sights on you?
Track Name: Planetary Wanderer
Traversing the stars
This trail that they blaze
Their engines have failed
They're lost out in space

They struggle to fight
Off death's sweet release
Determined to make it
Back home in one piece

The mission has failed
Their outlook is bleak
The fuel tanks have blown
From an oxygen leak

With time running out
This test of their will
Their journey back home
Will be harder still

The plunge towards the earth
At supersonic speed
Their shuttle alight
They splash down at sea

They made their way home
Pulled through in the end
A testament stands to
The triumph of men
Track Name: Renegade Replicant
renegade replicants
were once the first line of earth's defense

In the dead of night he stole away
he fled when he learned they were betrayed

renegade replicants
once multitude now mere remnants

to win the war they had a plan
create an army of synthetic men

renegade replicant
cast out by the earth he would defend

all trace of him will fade away
his life just a distant memory

renegade replicants
made to fight enemy combatants

an invasion of aliens
a last ditch effort for earth to win

asimov's laws could not protect them
made without flaws so the world rejects them

issued recalled without word or warning
sent to be culled for over-performing

renegade replicant