The Epitome of Engineered Evolution [Coming 2017]

by Robouroboros

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The year is twelve thousand ninety two of the Human Era. Mankind had spent Millennia fighting amongst themselves, committing brutal atrocities and waging countless wars. These horrors shook the earth, pushing the environment to the brink of global disaster. Drastic action would have to be taken if humanity were to survive.

Peace talks ensued. Fossil fuels were replaced by sustainable clean energy. At long last Humanity had united under one worldwide government. The Global Human Confederacy.

Under the leadership of the GHC and with the assistance of globally pooled resources Humanity thrived. Huge advances in technology and scientific breakthroughs allowed for the mining of asteroids and the colonization of other planets.

Humanity spread across the galaxy, searching for new worlds and new frontiers. Their hunger for knowledge and exploration pushing them further and further into the unknown. It was here, in the vastness of uncharted space, mankind discovered they were not alone in the universe.

The insect race, classification X3n-0, swiftly and mercilessly erradicated the outlaying colonies.
All out war erupted, this time with the full force of mankind's collective military power behind it. But it was all for naught.

The Insect race proved far more resilient than anticipated. Completely immune to biological and chemical agents, as well as radiation, an all-out nuclear bombardment proved to be little more than a hindrance. The insect's hardened carapaces rendered conventional weaponry useless. Their soldiers emitted ultra-sonic pulses, confusing and disorienting ground troops, making a close-quarters combat futile. Enormous hive ships carried their legions from planet to planet.

One by one the colonies collapsed. Before long the insect scourge was at humanity's doorstep. Mankind once again found themselves on the brink of extinction. But all hope was not lost.

In a final act of desperation the GHC constructed an army of synthetic humanoids known as Replicants. Stronger, faster, and fiercely intelligent, the replicant army made quick work of the invading swarm. Immune to their psionic attacks and strong enough to crush the insect carapace with their bear hands the Replicants devastated the alien army. Within months the colonies were retaken and the insects had been pushed back. Victory was assured.

Out of fear the GHC leaders decided to pursue the retreating insect forces into their own territory, eliminating the threat once and for all. The replicant army obeyed, hunting down and slaughtering every last remaining insect, thus ending the great insect war.

Humanity celebrated, for they had defeated the greatest threat the galaxy had ever known. But their victory was short lived. The GHC now faced another problem, one that they had created.

The Replicant army now lay dormant. For who was left in the universe to fight? Fear overcame humanity's better nature. Fear that the replicants would somehow break their programming and turn their aggression on their creators. The GHC leaders panicked, recalling the Replicants to be systematically shut down.

The decision sparked widespread controversy. These were after all intelligent, sentient creatures. Those who questioned the decision were dealt with harshly. All who spoke out publicly were banished, imprisoned, or simply never heard from again. The replicant army marched silently to their destruction. Replicant technology was outlawed.

There are those even now who research Replicant technology in top-secret undisclosed locations, far away from the watchful eye of the GHC. Our story begins in one such facility with the birth of a new hybrid organism. Subject 05c-9.


released March 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Robouroboros Ladysmith, British Columbia

Robouroboros is an Industrial/EBM artist whose music has been played on radio stations from Seattle to Germany. His sound is beat-driven, ominous, and spacey, and features sound bytes of tools, anvils, and machinery.

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